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Foundation of All Social Media Activities

A blog allows you to create a place where all of your work is stored. A blog also allows you to build a stronger picture of who you are. It is true that most people will meet you through other places; Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for example, but if they like what they read on these platforms, they will most likely follow you back to your blog and find out more about who you are.

Build Your Brand as an Expert

Bloggers don’t focus on themselves. They turn their focus towards publishing educated articles that put their true talents and knowledge on display. Being an expert does not translate into talking about yourself. If this occurs, your efforts will most likely backfire on you. It is well known, that in blogging as in real life, the more you talk about yourself the less people want to follow you.

Build Trust

People are becoming more skeptical each day. They are especially skeptical about marketing messages found on the Internet. A blog with consistent, truthful and helpful content will allow you to build strong trust among your followers. Be patient and persevere because the time you put into your blog will outlast the ones who don’t.